Winter Fashion Wishlist

It may seem like spring is nearly upon us, but – lets face it – we only seem to get two seasons here in the UK: freezing, cold, wet winters and muggy, ‘I’m too hot’ summers. There’s no inbetween. Now that we’ve nearly reached February I thought it would be the right time to post below my Winter Fashion Wishlist.

  1. Topshop Floral Embriodered Shirt, £29.00: If you know me, then you know I love my stripes. Just add some cute floral embriodery that isn’t OTT and I’m sold.topshop-shirt

Product can be found here:


2. Clarks Taylor Palm Black Leather Shoes, £49.00: I have been lusting after these shoes for so long! I’m now playing the waiting game until they are put on sale; they’re just gorgeous ♥clarks-shoes

Product can be found here:


3. New Look Black Floral Embriodered Mini Skirt, £24.99: I have to say, this isn’t something I’d usually go for, but I really do like it. It’s been sat in my wish list for a while now and I do think that it’s a lovely piece that incorprates the embroidery trend, whilst still having a classy edge.


Product can be found here:


4. New Look Blue Floral Embriodered Skinny Jeans, £29.99: The subtlety of the embriodery (sensing a pattern?) is my favourite part of these jeans. Rather than being a larger motif that is more red toned, this sticks to the trend whilst not being too out there.


Product can be found here:


5. River Island Petite Embriodered Shirt, £40.00: I own quite a few shirts as I find them very versatile to pair with a pair of jeans, or a skirt or (my favourite combo) under a pinafore dress. This one has a lovely spotted mesh panel at the top that pairs along nicely with the swallow bird embriodery.


Product can be found here:


6. New Look Dark Purple Floral Ebriodered Turtle Neck Sweater, £15.00 (SALE PRICE): This is another item that has been sitting in my wish list for a little while. However I’ve sadly left it a little bit too long to wait for as it’s sold out in my size!


Product can be found here:


7. Motel Black Sheer Floral Embriodered Bodycon Dress, £50.00: This is the last embroidered item, I promise. Although this is quite daring, I woudn’t be one to go out without a top underneath this – unlike the model. Maybe one day I’ll get there with a pretty bralette on show, but for now I’ll just let the dress do the talking.


Product can be found here:


8. Pandora Forget Me Not Ring, £40.00: I have a love for forget me nots that goes way back. I received a locket as a gift from my parents from one of my first ever dance shows – it’s silver, with a small, purple bud on the front and ‘Forget Me Not’ engraved on the back. It’s very simple but such a treasured keepsake, it would be lovely to have a ring to match.


Product can be found here:


9. Rotary Ladies Stainless Seel Strap Watch, £90.00: This watch is so simple but I love it for just that! I’m not a lover of big, oversized watches that come in all of the colours under the sun, with multiple dials and extra straps. I just want a simple, black, leather strap watch and I think I’ve found it.


Product can be found here:


10. Miss Selfridge Black Lace Mesh Dress, £27.30 (DISCOUNT PRICE): This is another mesh bodycon dress, similar to the one from New Look but it isn’t as see-through and I would say is more wearable. I feel like it’s one of them dresses that you can throw on and instantly feel 10X more ready for a night out.


Product can be found here:


Which item was your favourite? Do you have a Winter Fashion Wish List? Make sure to link it below in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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