Deep Breaths

A post from a blog that I’ve just stumbled across that I think will really help everyone in some way, shape or form ♥

Chasing Ground

You. Take a second and take a deep breath. Just stop for one minute and think of something that you are grateful for. Close your eyes and escape even if its only for a 30 seconds. Walk away and count to 30. Go outside and just be. Run away and never look back (Maybe don’t do that, or go ahead I’m not the boss of you). Take a moment to remind yourself of a victory however small. Remember how far you have come, even when it might feel like you have taken 100 steps back. You’re still here, and THAT is to be celebrated. You bring something to the world that no one else does, I’m serious you matter. So take a second when your in the thick of it and know that you are valued, important and seen.

Life is really slow for me right now. Not in a…

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