How To: Survive College

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others – It’s an extremely daunting experience beginning college or sixth form, what with the surge of new (and old) faces that you begin to recognize as the ‘talented’ crew. Correction: you are wrong. No person is always what they make themselves out to be on the exterior; we all have our flaws and excel in different ways. It’s 2016 and now more than ever is the time to embrace these insecurities and let them shine.
  2. Stay organised – Trust me, it helps. It sounds so plain and simple and you’ll just brush it off, until around February/March and then realise that you have no idea on how to tackle your revision (I’ve been there.) My advice is to have a folder for each course (or topic depending on how much content there is) that you can divide up and easily store any new notes and sheets in as you progress through the year.
  3. New friends actually aren’t a big deal – Unless you’re going to be attending a completely different college/sixth form to your friends from high school, the chances are you probably will still see each other every day, without fail. My friends and I all attend the same college and we prepared ourselves to never see each other and became so worried about making new groups of friends. I have now finished my AS year and I can say I’m still happily joined at the hip with the idiots I’ve trusted since Year 9. Other people have come and gone, but our small group is still as strong as ever. (Side note: I love you guys ♥)
  4. Choose courses that YOU want to do – This is rather an important one, unlike high school (where you find that your GCSE’s become extremely irrelevant once you leave), your college subjects are going to determine what career you can take… for the most part. Although it isn’t set in stone, you need to take courses that interest you and will help you to gain the apprenticeship, university place or job that you want at the end of A2. For example, if you wanted to become a lawyer/solicitor, it is obvious that you will need to take subjects such as law and psychology. It’s all about thinking ahead, but not worrying too much as there is always time to change your mind.
  5. Finally, ENJOY your 2 years whilst it lasts – Believe me when I say, time will fly. I’m writing this now after having finished my AS exams and completing a final 2 weeks of college, where we are starting our A2 work. I’ve never known an academic year to fly by so quickly, it almost seems surreal. You have to embrace every moment and make the most of it whilst you can because let’s face it, within the space of two years you can end up leaving all your beloved friends behind to go off to a full time job, or to begin a university course in a completely different area of the country.

College is a different world from high school! As stressful as it can be, I’m sure you will look back on it as one of the best times in your life. Before you know it, you’ll be sending off your UCAS application and collecting your anticipated results.

Be sure to tell me about your college/sixth form experience in the comments below!

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