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I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg SloanDSC_9520

Tender, romantic and thrilling – after much procrastination of reading, this book really is a life-changer. I’m certainly not a believer in God, nor am I religious, which if you were to read this book you would wonder why not? However, I found this story so gripping that even the setting of a church and the choir certainly did not put me off of such an amazing read.

Holly Goldenberg Sloan has crafted such indulgent characters that can’t be forgotten. Emily & Sam. Sam & Emily. Star-crossed lovers indeed they both experience a magical adventure that leads them to their destiny; which for Emily is all she had ever wanted – to reach her destiny.

As I read this book I became more and more interested, delving deeper into the storyline so quickly, that I found it almost impossible to put down to go to sleep. It is such a beautiful love story that I truly recommend to any of you out there, as you will get an insight into how 2 halves of humanity live – the poor and the middle class. Although this divide is set very clear and consequences are issued for the mix of the two lifestyles, Emily and Sam don’t see this as a barrier, they use it as an invisible line that can be crossed no matter what circumstances, as their love is so strong and holds a great connection.

‘Just call my name. I’ll be there’

Such an amazing song from the Jackson 5 has been used to give the book a basis of its roots. I think that these clever re-occurring themes of trust, acceptance and love are just what makes the book so special. Without giving much away – happiness takes time even if separation and betrayal occur.

If you ever see this book in your local book store, or if you pop into WHSmiths or Waterstones, search for ‘I’ll Be There’ and grab it whilst you can – I promise it will be worth the read.


All The Bright Places by Jennifer NivenDSC_9513.JPG

My second favourite book I have read all year, I don’t have much to say about this despite that fact as I feel if I do it will ruin your time reading it.

So beautifully written, one of the most amazing books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I fell in love with Finch from the beginning, such a complex character with intriguing characteristics and motives. Bittersweet and lovely. ‘No longer rooted, but gold, flowing.’

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